Download CleanMyPC (1.8.8) – Free

No matter how methodical and scrupulous we are using our PC is inevitable that this runs accumulating garbage in the particular record and the operating system in general. For perform maintenance, cleaning and optimization of Windows CCleaner all think but there are alternatives such as Clean Master and which also binds CleanMyPC, which is what concerns us here.

Enjoy a computer at full capacity.

An easy method to improve the performance of Windows 7, 8 and 10

As we say computer use involves a gradual slowdown in the processes carried out. This software can accelerate Windows and return to an excellent working order thanks to the different utilities with which account. These operate on different areas and functions of the system:

  • Equipment: Scans the different parts of the PC and the system to find junk and useless files that can be eliminated.
  • Registry: Performs maintenance on the record where removes invalid entries.
  • Uninstaller: Has a tool to remove applications safely and cleanly.
  • HibernationYou can delete the hibernation file that stores a photo of the operating system and usually occupy large.
  • extensions: Locates different elements and extensions installed on the PC account other programs.
  • start: Optimizes system startup by disabling the automatic activation of many of the apps that run at startup.
  • Privacy: Clean the trail of navigation and other private user data.

And all thanks to a simple interface where usability has prevailed in the design and enables the user to perform all these actions so guided and quick.

Grab the full version of this optimizer

However the file will download here is the belonging to a trial. This has limited functions plus a trial period extends over several days. it is best to acquire serial Of the version full with his activation key or activation key. That way we will have all features that this software has and that we can use to optimize the operating system and the different processes that it executes.

This program is good as any in its class and works on both systems 32 and 64 bits, available in different languages, including Spanish. Different user reviews suggest downloading versions 1.6.0 and 1.8.1 but as is constantly evolving as better upgrade to the latest version since it incorporates the latest developments of this software.