Download Windows XP SP3 (Service Pack 3) – Free

If you still using the operating system Microsoft Windows XP, surely you are interested the last update: Windows XP SP3. After installing the latest service pack you can enjoy various improvements, new features and a set of updates which will significantly improve your operating system. Do not hesitate and Free download Windows XP SP3 Original in Spanish.

important updates

A service pack or SP, because we can Service Pack use as SP, is a set of updates and patches that correct and improve operating systems. It is always important to keep our updated operating system, as it will improve the performance of your computer, and have more protected by the latest security patches. For this reason it is very important to download Windows Xp free, and its latest Service Pack.

most important news

  • It includes improvements in Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module (KMCM).
  • The Windows activation is outside the facility of the system.
  • It enables the detection of packets ignored by the router.
  • important improvements in security policies.
  • the Windows Imaging Component function for image processing is integrated.

This operating system is one of the most used and valued by users. Do not wait and Free download Windows XP SP3 Original in Spanish.

How to install Windows XP SP3


How to install Windows XP SP3