Download Find My iPhone (4.0) – Free

Where is my iPhone? Possibly ever you have asked this question to not find it in your pocket or usual place where you usually leave it. It may be that you've lost inside the house, which need not be of much gravity, but also may have lost or on the street or have it stolen, then things change.

How to find an iPhone or iOS device?

of Find My iPhone is a app that will help you locate the Apple smartphone, iPad, iPod touch or even a Mac. To operate simply you have to install the app on another device and connect it with the ID you use to access iCloud. That's when you can locate the device you lost on a map using geolocation and remotely, as well as other functions for recovery or data privacy.

The mode lost It offers the possibility of lock the device with a code showing a custom message on the lock screen while a contact phone number. This means you can write to whoever found it to call you so we can retrieve the device. This mode also provides information about the locations visited by the phone.

As to whether you suspect the iPhone or iPad have been stolen and you do not have high hopes of recovery, you can resort to the remote data deletion. That way you can prevent the chorizo ​​son of the very great p *** you you have mangado can access photos, banking information, emails, WhatsApp or any other personal data stores.

key features

  • Apple locator devices on a map.
  • Play sounds for two minutes at full volume even if the device is muted.
  • Lock your device remotely with a code.
  • Shows custom messages on the lock screen.
  • Check the history of recent locations of device mode lost (For iOS).
  • Get driving directions to the device.
  • Remotely erase all contents and settings of the device.
  • Indicator battery charge.

Note that to use this app it is important to enable this feature in iCloud settings locating device. This option also helps you to find an iPhone from the PC. As to whether it is off, it is possible to locate because you can send the location before closing the system.