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Windows is certainly the most used operating system in the world personal computers, well above MacOS and Linux, much as each year some enlightened insist that this will be to Linux on the desktop. In fact according to usage statistics, in March 2017 still it is used by more than 80% of global PC users, a percentage that exceeds clearance.

Y Windows 7, OS version of Microsoft initially launched in October 2009 to replace Windows Vista, has been one of those developed by the guys from Redmond most popular operating systems and more adoption, well above the current Windows 10, offering improvements in security, performance and appearance. In fact in March 2017 it is still used for almost 50% of users.

Easier to use and with endless new possibilities.

With this Windows, Microsoft managed to return to winning ways after the failure of Vista, and seeing what came later with Windows 8 and 8.1, may not be unreasonable to say that it is his best product to date. No one was surprised the reluctance of many users to upgrade to W10, although this is would offer for free.

Main features Windows 7 Professional

This operating system was received as a great evolution over previous systems, especially for its improved performance, enhanced security and a much more intuitive interface. These are general characteristics:

  • operating system consumes few resources, ideal for less powerful computers.
  • Renewed visual appearance the functions Aero Peek (Preview applications), Aero Shake (To manage windows by shaking) and Aero Snap (To facilitate resizing windows).
  • important security improvements the renewal of firewall Windows, a complete security suite and a utility for creating backups.
  • New multi-touch interface Windows to control gestures on touch screens.
  • Customizing Your System with the ability to customize window colors, sounds and screen saver.
  • Ribbon interface built native Windows programs like Calculator, Paint or WordPad.
  • Deleting Windows Sidebar gadgets can be placed anywhere on the screen.
  • New releases Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player, compatible with all major multimedia formats (H.264, DivX, MJPEG, DV, AAC, LPCM, MOV, 3GP, WTV, MP4, etc.).
  • New Windows Live Essentials with different communication applications such as Live Mail, Live Messenger, Silverlight, LiveSync or Live Movie Maker.
  • possibility of anchor favorite programs the taskbar by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Renewal of native calculator with statistical functions and programming.

If you're still stuck in the past with your Windows XP or Vista, or Windows 10 will not simply just convinced of all, the best thing to do is download Windows 7 to your PC, an ideal operating system for personal computers that are about to combine leisure and work. Of course, keep in mind that when Microsoft will stop by withdraw support so and corresponding improvements in security will not be implemented and can not be updated.

Anyway do not expect to download this software ISO since, although superseded by later, still have to pay the purchase price.

Edits and updates

You know that a year later was published launch its first major update, the Service Pack 1 (SP1) that fixes some bugs and security issues found in the code.

It also has different versions to suit the needs of each type of user:

  • StarterThe most basic and less functionality.
  • Home Basic: More connectivity features and customization if only OEM versions available in developing countries and emerging markets.
  • Home Premium: Windows Media Center is included, full Aero theme and support for different codecs multimedia file formats.
  • Professional: It includes Data Protection, Advanced backup, managed network with support for domains localized network printing and file encryption.
  • Ultimate: More security and data protection devices internal and external storage, package and multilanguage support for virtualized images of hard drives.
  • Enterprise: Additional features for IT assistance organizations. Subscription option for desktop optimization package MDOP.
  • N editions: Available for upgrades and new purchases of Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate but not including multimedia software.

Minimum requirements

What hardware configuration you are required to run Windows 7 on a PC? Do not warm over the head, these are the technical specifications that have to be included in the operating system to run properly:

  • 1 GHz CPU.
  • RAM 1 GB 2 GB although the recommended amount.
  • Screen with minimum resolution of 800x600 with optional multi-touch function.
  • DirectX9 compatible graphics card and WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. Windows Aero requires 128 MB of VRAM.
  • 16 GB of hard disk space even 20 GB recommended.

These minimum requirements would be suitable for a 32-bit, being recommended which should be available for 64-bit version.

How to Install Windows 7


How to Install Windows 7