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The development of a group project can be greatly benefited from the sharing of ideas graphically and explicitly. For it serves, an online tool that makes available to the members of a working group to expose the necessary tools and sharing concepts.

Ideal for creating lines of development, mind mapping, brainstorming ...

With the working group you're part you can work and collaborate at full capacity without being in physical contact. This tool allows make sketches of projects based on the idea of ​​the mural or panel that can be found in any office simulating and post-it notes. But as this is an online tool the user can from creating notes and write directly on the panel to add images, Internet links or documents uploaded from your own computer or Google Drive account or Evernote.


  • slate online for the development of collaborative projects.
  • Tools add text, adhesives, geometric shapes and arrangements predefined content.
  • possibility of add documents and images from computers, mobile phones and user accounts in Google Drive and Evernote.
  • option to share projects, embed it on websites or download it as an image or HTML format.
  • Inviting other members to participate.
  • creating presentations.

Forget complicated and not very fluid forms of carrying out your collaborative projects and help yourself dynamism offered to share and develop any groupware you have at hand.