Use mobile as wireless router for your tablet and PC

WiFi Tethering iPhone

Wireless connections are the daily bread of many of us. We all have a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to a WiFi network when we are at home. It is the most logical choice: we can save mobile data consumption in the case of portable devices in addition battery- and means that we can access the Internet from any device anywhere in our home. They have already fallen far short in time those days when all network connections were wired, and there was a central station you surf the web that was shared.

What happens when you need a wireless connection and you have a network device nearby? You could always Share your wireless smartphone.

Using mobile Internet to connect to the PC is very easyUsing mobile Internet to connect to the PC is very easy

Using your smartphone as a WiFi router

If you want to access the Internet on your computer or other mobile phone and there is an available wireless network, you can always Share your main device as a WiFi router. This system is very convenient and allows you to create an ad-hoc network through which you could surf the web without any problems.

You need to consider before using this method, which is known as tethering or network anchor, which what is the 4G network will share our phone, so it is imperative to have hired a good rate data to use this method of shared networks.

Solutions iPhone

Share your wireless network on an iPhoneShare your wireless network on an iPhone

For use the iPhone as a WiFi router you will have to follow this series of steps:

  • Enters iOS settings and tap Internet Sharing. Once inside, activates the shared network.
  • Your phone will already be visible as WiFi router, and you must define a device name and password that you give to anyone who wants to connect.

The following will go to your computer and network settings in common, locate the wireless network that bears the name of your phone. The connection process is the same as for conventional routers.

How to do it on Android

Share your wireless network in AndroidShare your wireless network in Android

If instead you want use a router as a wireless Android, then you have to do the following:

  • Enters Android Settings and click on the More ... option.
  • Click Share Internet and Wi-Fi area.
  • When you activate the WiFi zone appears we already set a device name and a password, which we can change to one that is best fit our preferences.

As was the case of the iPhone, the following is access the network from your computer or device.

As you can see, it is a procedure that is of no difficulty and does not require advanced knowledge to carry it out.

Dave Stone edited licensed CC BY-SA 2.0