How to make Cortana on Windows 10 look on Google with Firefox

Introducing Cortana

When Mozilla announced a fresher look for Windows 10 to the latest stable version of Firefox, initially you could think he was referring to features and a design that better integrated into the new operating system. However the version 40 of the browser goes beyond shooting at the waterline of one of the main features of Windows 10: Cortana.

But who wants to use Bing?

Something like that should think about why Mozilla and consider Cortana should not necessarily use the search engine to find in it their search results, which it is the default uses Microsoft wizard.

The point is that the browser allows Cortana redirect searches to any search engine with a simple movement: Firefox 40 set as the default browser and configure it the desired search engine, for example Google. Thus Cortana will pick your information on it, leaving Bing do if this was not the chosen one.

Users can enjoy a bolder design for # Windows 10 and preserve choice search engine With the latest Firefox update!

- Firefox (@firefox) August 11, 2015

To set default Firefox instead of Microsoft Edge, to download you must select the option in the pop-up screen that appears. Immediately setup application operating system with the ability to choose the default applications will open. Scroll down and click on Microsoft Edge in the Navigator section (no, this is not intuitive). Then they deployed application options and will choose when you can choose Firefox. Now close the window to save the changes and you will be your default browser.

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Mozilla Firefox56.0.2




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Disagreements between Mozilla and Microsoft

It is true that if a user sets a default browser and a search engine, it is logical to think that this will be the preferred tool for Internet searches. Even so it is true that there may be users who do not want to alter the way in which Windows 10 and Cortana behaves, assistant no longer thought to extract the maximum capacity of Bing, which can force you to have to use Bing Cortana in your browser or another search engine. Hopefully soon we can have a choice.

This maneuver Mozilla is the last episode of the dispute with Microsoft since the release of Windows 10. Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla, criticized in the Express configuration upgrade to the new operating system should be established as the default browser Microsoft Edge, ignoring previous user settings.

Now takes more than double mouse clicks scroll through the content and re-establish the previous configuration each user had done.

Not in vain in the last publication of the blog refers to the release of Firefox 40 as an opportunity to preserve their choice in searches.

Chris Beard asked Microsoft to give users greater control over the operating system but the Redmond reply that they will if the user actually requests it. That is, they will not lift a finger for any maneuver that makes Mozilla but when you actually pressed the discontent of users.