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The greatest revolution in the music scene over the past 20 years, over Napster even possibly run by the online music streaming. That is, the technology that allows play and listen to music with an Internet connection without downloading anything. It is in it where YouTube is based but if we talk about music there is certainly a name that comes to mind: Spotify.

A change in the way we consume music

If downloading MP3 songs and albums had jeopardized the physical format, this modality has been even been able to greatly reduce illegal music downloading attacking one of the problems that wields industry: piracy. All thanks to a system that allows escuchar free music in exchange for advertising or paying a subscription amount monthly to get rid of them. And the artists? Yes, that's the other side of the coin, which still earn almost the same as when the problem was the illegal downloading of MP3 ... ie crap.

always music in your pocket and legal.

Spotify application for Android

Bring this system to your smartphone or tablet is as simple as downloading the APK Spotify Music. This is the player that gives access to all its online catalog. What with few songs account? Over 40 million, so I doubt you get to hear all even once. In turn if you are one of the premium user you can benefit from one of its advantages such as the offline listening.

Principal functions

  • Seeking artists, songs, albums and playlists from their catalog.
  • It supports private listening.
  • We can share music with friends.
  • Create and synchronize playlists.
  • We can transfer via Wi-Fi MP3 files from your computer to your mobile phone.
  • It allows download music and play it offline.

But how to download MP3 music Spotify? It's possible?

Now, this is the question that hundreds of thousands of users are formulated and put to desperately search for a program or app that allows them to do so. But it is not possible ... at least for now. The only one who came running medium well but it was not even that Spotydl.

The key business of the Swedish company is its ability to keep the music in a closed format difficult to extract and compatibility with a player that is not yours. That is why it is not so easy to find apps that allow ripping music ... also partly because they themselves are responsible for scrutinizing every corner of the web to see if they appear and remedy.

How much? Is it expensive Premium user?

So expensive or cheap is a very relative concept. Apart from this the company It offers different subscription plans for user, ranging from the free version to family plans that allow sharing an account between different members and devices (iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Web ...) to listen simultaneously. These are their prices.

  • Free or free: 0 € per month.
  • Premium9,99 € per month but no ads, unlimited songs jumping with offline mode ...
  • Familia: The price of 9.99 € monthly Premium subscription for the first of the members is maintained. What happens is that for every member to be added, this is discounted 50% of this price. That is, if you pay € 9.99, by adding these family members will pay only 4,98 €. The limit is 4 so you with just under 20 € four different people can play at once on their smartphones music without interfering with the connection of others.

No doubt this system is the best for listening to music on Android in comfort. Better than Pandora, Rdio, Apple Music or Soundcloud (although the latter philosophy is a little different)? I would almost say yes: only the catalog and accessibility and worth.

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