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One of the oldest web browsers is Microsoft Internet Explorer. Commonly abbreviated as IE, I was born in 1995 its first version for Windows 95 and for 20 years has been present in the operating systems of the US company until it has been replaced by Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

Their versions have happened over Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.1, and its latest stable version Internet Explorer 11. It has been one of the most used in the world, hogging reaching between 2002 and 2003 more than 90% share of use among users worldwide.

However this has fallen through the development of other high-performance products such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, who have managed to snatch him much of users.

The latest stable version of Internet Explorer

As we say this is the latest stable development before being replaced by Microsoft Edge. It is a tool that over the years has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of web pages, although He has never been without criticism, who have blamed from a limitation open to a slow adaptation to improvements including other browsers web standards. He has never been exempt from being seen as an instrument of political monopoly by Microsoft.

Controversy has always planned on IE.

These are its main features:

  • Trident navigation engine.
  • Current support for CSS3 and HTML5 standards.
  • Compatible with XSLT.
  • JavaScript support.
  • vertical support different text W3C recommendation, a variety of image effects and support for script code syntax.
  • Usability and graphical environment taken from Windows.
  • Navigation tab.
  • Pop-up blocking.
  • Access offline to web pages cached by the browser.
  • Support for configuring Group Policy.
  • Redesigned developer tools with support WebGL.
  • Support for SPDY protocol.
  • Eliminating some features from previous versions fast as windows or Quick Tabs or the use of large icons that are replaced by key commands.
  • Specific versions for 32-bit operating systems and 64 bits.

Problems and security vulnerabilities

One of the biggest problems he has faced has been the Internet Explorer security. Defects in its architecture have been used by different types of malware and adware, giving rise to most problems in the ActiveX environment.

All these problems have tried to be corrected in Microsoft Edge, the browser has happened to IE from Windows 10. It is not a new rejuvenated but has been developed from scratch, with its own rendering engine EdgeHTML version and a new interface adapted to the new graphical environments as well as touch screens and mobile devices.

Which is better? Does the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox?

At the time of its launch IE He obtained some evidence benchmark better than their opponents. In some tests it proved the faster loading pages and the most memory-consuming with the use of multiple tabs.

However its last stable version dates from summer 2015 no longer will update with the release of more versions. So even though it can be used to browse most websites, gradually is a tool against other browsers becomes obsolete, including these two, Opera, Safari or Edge of Microsoft itself.

Optimize your browser Internet Explorer 11


Optimize your browser Internet Explorer 11