Download Spotydl (0.9.37) – Free

Spotify has revolutionized the way of listening to music. If the physical format was already in danger of extinction with the spread of MP3, this platform online music streaming (not the only one: Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud ...) has been even with this file type, making it possible to carry your music anywhere without downloading anything (although certain is that it includes a listening mode offline).

The emergence of Spotify has largely involved the abandonment of downloading MP3 music and songs.

But despite this there are still those who are not convinced to pay for a flat monthly fee to listen to music and prefers download music to bring in players or upload smartphone. For them is Spotydl, application Spotify music download.

How does it work and download this program?

Through an interface that resembles Spotify this program allows the import of whole playlists and download the songs that comprise it. Simply paste the URI of the playlist to start downloading and then enjoy the music on other devices even though they do not have Internet connection.

Spotify music free.

These are its main features:

  • full import of playlists from Spotify.
  • Progressive download items from the list.
  • Music player integrated into the application.
  • Folder tree to navigate the file system.
  • YouTube video viewer.

But, you are able to turn the music down? It is safe?

Although its developers have sold as a Spotify Downloader 100% it does not fit the concept more than anything because the Swedish company has already been charged with protecting their business model (it would be pointless to put facilities that anyone will rip your catalog) and do as it is quite complicated. Therefore, what is this software is search and locate that integrate songs ready to download from websites or even from video portals like YouTube.

However it is one of the fastest systems. There are others, but much slower to build, for example, audio recording PC. That is, we would have to play a full list to copy program and dispose of it in MP3.

And not, You do not need to be a Premium user; anyone with a free registration, of listening to music with ads, you can use the program.