Download Titanfall 2 for PC – Free

Two years after the launch of the first Titanfall Respawn by Entertainment and Electronic Arts, reaches its anticipated sequel that returns us to the futuristic world where wars are fought with the help of the Titans (exoskeletons or robotic suits). In Titanfall 2 we will enjoy action game genre FPS or first-person shooter, but this time with new ways much more interesting game.

As in the first part of this game of first-person shooter will return to calzarnos our exoskeleton in multiplayer where you have to fight intense individual or team battles and where we can draw on more than ever Titans and deploy new skills during the fighting.

A new single-player mode that will delight the gamers.

But the big news comes with the new single player mode in which he played a young soldier, Jack Cooper, trapped behind enemy lines, you must train hard and practice to develop their skills and become the best driver of the Titans.

When does Titanfall 2?

But, Do not you hear that the game has already gone? Yes, it was launched last October, but not only for Windows PCs, downloadable via Origin (Like all games Electronic Arts), but also Xbox 360 and PS4 for. Now at last you heard, run to the digital distribution platform EA to download your copy.

Which are the requirements? Will my PC stand?

With such powerful and demanding game like this Titanfall sequel it is normal to wonder if our computer will be able to run such a game. Well, you should know that to run TF2 on your PC need Windows 7 or higher (64-bit), an i3 processor or higher (i5 recommended), 8 GB of RAM and 45 GB of free space on your hard drive, plus a good graphics card (NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7850 or 2GB), DirectX 11 and an internet connection with a speed of more than 512kbps. If you believe that you meet all the above, please purchase the game in Origin, if not, better wait to renew your PC.