Download WhatsApp Transparent (5.20 2.16.392) Android – APK Free

The truth is that for many apps to chat and send messages that appear as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others, the throne of WhatsApp remains unreachable for all of them. And truth is that in some functions and features goes a couple of steps behind, but the fact that the instant messaging application that features more users (if you wonder how many people have you say that there are more than 1,000 million worldwide), it allows you to go a little behind.

How to customize WhatsApp? Making it transparent, clear

And the truth is that application developers are not much given to launch APKs that allow to get better, expand or extend its functions such as it makes LINE. However there are alternative developments launched by motivated programmers Style Plus or OGWhatsApp for these purposes, or which concerns us here, WhatsApp Transparent.

And as you can guess by his undisguised name, it is a MOD that can stop us seeing the bored wallpaper of this app messaging (Although it is true that we can configure it to show us the photo you want as background) to see the homescreen smartphone. So no, forget about wonderful features that delve into better manage your privacy or other options to make this the best application for mobile chat.

Customize your chat conversations.

Well, although this is not entirely true: It has a number of emoji and emoticons with more details and more expressive that the original application.

Does not work, what do I do?

If it does not work you may have to do with updating the own messaging app, which forces also download a latest version of this MOD. That's why 2016 versions as September, October or December (the 4.81, 4.91 or 5.0) you downloaded waiting happily make them work for a long time, have become obsolete. It does not choice but to reinstall it is.

And remember one thing: it is valid only on Android devices like smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad nothing in iOS nor for the desktop version for PC or Mac.

How to install WhatsApp Transparent?

And last but not least, the steps to tunear your favorite messaging app:

  1. Step 1: Saves a backup of your conversations from the menu settings.
  2. Step 2: Uninstalls the application from the menu settings of the telephone.
  3. Step 3: Download and open the APK. Remember to have the device configured to accept installation from sources other than Google Play.
  4. step 4: Start using it by selecting the country from which you use your phone.

And now you can chat and send messages from a different original environment. Just remember that this is an unofficial development ... will secure your communications?